Each week's statistics reports should be posted no later than the day before that division plays again. For example, AA and Masters Week 1 reports would be posted by the following Wednesday, before Week 2. However, if all score sheets are received, the stats reports may be posted prior to that deadline.

Here is the statistics formula:

Point values: Legs played values:
Team leg won = 6 points     7hit (133 - 151) = 2 Points     Team leg played = 1 leg played
Singles leg won = 6 Points     8hit (152 - 170) = 3 Points     Singles leg played = 1 leg played
Doubles leg won = 3 Points     9hit (171 - 180) = 5 Points     Doubles leg played = 0.5 leg played
Doubles Assist = 3 Points     5 hit Bull = 4 Points    
5hit (95 - 113) = 0.5 Point     6 hit Bull = 8 Points    
6hit (114 - 132) = 1 Points          
Total points earned are divided by total legs played.

End of season individual statistics are not considered final until they are verified.

~Tips for more accurate individual statistics~

  1. Fill out the score sheet legibly, completely, and correctly - sample score sheets are in the rulebook.
  2. Use correct RMDA numbers and first and last names - no nicknames unless they are registered.
  3. Do not write anything else on the score sheet except what is asked for.
  4. Make sure to fill in the out in the correct box for the correct player.
  5. Make sure to note a win by forfeit by writing a 'W' in the out box.
  6. Quality Points
    Color in QP boxes from left to right, with no spaces in between -

    do not 'checkerboard' or color in on the second line until the first line is full.
    If you erroneously color in a qp box, and must 'x' it out, please specify the correct number of those qp's. Example, you color in a total of 5, but 1 was x'd out, write '4' next to it.

  7. Email or mail your score sheet to the statistician as soon as possible.
  8. If you notice an error or missing information, please email the Statistician as soon as possible so it can be corrected.