Board Advisor
Job Description

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Your Commissioners

B Division
James Sands

Angela Nease

A Division
Dave Hale

Kevin Nease

AA/Masters Division
Cyndi Schreffler

Cami Davis-Moore

Board Advisor
Scott Conkey

1 year (August 1 to July 31)

By the General Membership

Board Advisor must have previously held another board position.

General Description:
The Board Advisor will oversee the Commissioners and will have the authority to act in an emergency situation if a Commissioner cannot be contacted.  This position is entitled to one vote.


  • Represent RMDA in a manner befitting a Board member.
  • Have full knowledge of RMDA rules and have said rules readily available.
  • Attend scheduled meetings:
      • Monthly board meetings
      • Grievance/Appeals meetings
      • General Meetings/Banquets
      • Awards Banquets
  • Advise Board concerning all facets of RMDA functions including:
      • Rules, ethics and policies
      • Membership
      • Board Members
  • Maintain communications with Commissioners:
      • Oversee Commissioners
      • Mentor new Commissioners
      • Assist Commissioners in attending league matches
      • Assist Commissioners in communications with membership
  • Represent Board at all City Cup matches, unless otherwise designated.
  • Notify Board in a timely manner of any problem or potential problem that may have occurred or may occur:
      • Forward protests, petitions and/or grievances to appropriate board member(s).
  • Respond to communications appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • Represent voice of Commissioners when the appropriate Commissioner cannot be contacted.
  • Represent players’ best interests while adhering to RMDA rules.
  • Ensure inspection of all RMDA Sponsoring Establishments.
  • Actively participate on 1 RMDA committee.