Duties of the Statistician

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Your Commissioners

B Division

Amy Robertson

Caitlin Ann Boukhari

A Division

Mark Udin

Jennifer Roberts

AA/Masters Division

Danielle Jurinsky

Angie Lowman

Board Advisor
Skip Schreffler

  • As a contracted position, the Statistician is a nonvoting member of the RMDA Board of Directors.   Statistician will attend all general Board meetings.
  • Collect score sheets, track team and individual information.
    • Notify Commissioners of missing score sheets.
  • Maintain accurate database of individual information and sponsoring establishments. 
    • Report results to Board members on as needed basis.
    • Provide backup database to Secretary at monthly Board Meetings.
  • Create and distribute team rosters.
  • Notify Board of needed supplies, including paper, envelopes, postage, and score sheets in a timely manner.
  • Create captains packets.
  • Publish league schedule and playoff dates, prior to week one league play.
  • Distribute team rosters and list of Sponsoring Establishments to all Board members at first scheduled Board meeting of each season. 
    • Apprise Board of Directors of any team roster changes throughout season.
  • Publish weekly team information within 24 hours of scheduled league play.
    • Mail team standings for B league on Tuesday to all B captains and B Commissioners
    • Mail team standings for A league on Wednesday to all A captains and A Commissioners
    • Mail team standings for AA/Masters league on Friday to all AA and Masters captains and AA/Masters Commissioners
    • Mail complete league standings to Sponsoring Establishment on Friday.
  • Publish individual statistics on a weekly basis.  Week 1 shall be published no later than week 3.
  • Individual statistics shall be no more than 2 weeks behind. 
    • End of season statistics will be posted and distributed within 10 calendar days after last scheduled week of season’s match play.
  • Maintain accurate list of eligible and ineligible players. 
  • Create list of season awards winners.
    • In Conjunction with Awards Committee Director, shall verify individual statistics to determine award recipients.
    • Distribute list within 14 calendar days of season’s end to Awards Committee Director.  
    • Publish Playoffs and City Cup awards list within 24 hours of play.
    • Maintain list of ineligible players to receive awards.  Distribute list to board members
  • Determine and compile list for mandatory upward movement.
    • Provide list to Board of Directors.
  • Change software formulas as directed by Board of Directors.
  • Check RMDA P.O Box a minimum of 3 times / week.
  • Provide personal transportation.
  • Keep membership list confidential.
  • Develop labels for weekly and monthly mailings.
  • Report, document and turn in all funds, received through the mail, to the Treasurer before entering individual information to database.
  • Make copies and mailings for any RMDA business as directed by the Board members.
  • A sixty day notice will be required if INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR desires to renew contract or forfeit the position prior to the contract completion.

To apply for this position please email resumé to pres@rmda.org.