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Definition of Team Registration: submission of a completed roster, consisting of a minimum of 4 eligible players, any owed membership fees for ALL players listed on that roster and sponsored by an RMDA-approved sponsoring establishment.

Registered Teams

Division Team Name Sponsor
a 3KD! McDonough's
a Fallen Angels Heros bar and grill
a Comin In Hot Steel Tips
a Incognito Noname
a Corkscrews @Cheers
a Bottom Dwellers Steel Tips
a Testosterogen Hero's
a Not Quite Right Steel Tips
a BQ's BQ's Bar
a Money shot @cheers
a Alcohol N Darts Longshots lounge
a BULLS ON PARADE Greenfields
a Iron Pigs IronWorks
a Finger Bangers Broadways Tavern
a Dolla Dolla Bulls Long Shots Lounge
a Shenanininjas Heros
a All wired Longshots lounge
a 20 to Bull iron works
a The Bombers Heros
a BOHICA Longshot Lounge
a #nofilter G Ducks
a Diddler's Choice Balloon Inn
a Outlaws Balloon Inn
a R U F N KIDDING ME longshot lounge
a Darty Minds Mountain Tap
a 2 DRUNK 2 THROW Balloon Inn
a YEE! YEE! Longshot lounge
a Dublin Out The mirage
a TNT Longshot lounge
a A Little Red Eye Longshot Lounge
a One Hand Pull Broadway's Tavern
a Dart Devil's Broadways Sports Tavern
a Hit It And Quit It Broadway's Tavern
a Frequent Flyers Mirage Sports Bar
a I'd Cork That Broadway's Tavern
a Sexy & We Throw It! Hero's Bar & Grill
a Just Bite Me Longshot Restaraunt and Lounge
a Mischievous Bastards Steel Tips
a Charitabull Cause @Cheers
a Just Trippin Steel tips
aa 8 Year Old Girls Longshot Lounge
aa Just the Tip Steel Tips
aa Wicked & Twisted II Hero's
aa 5 old dogs and a pup Lakewood Grill
aa The Bull Abides Longshot
aa Big Shafts Lakewood Grill
aa Double Barrel Jack Longshot Lounge
aa Bull-it proof Longshot
aa Cirkhunters Steel Tips
aa Pokin & Hopin @Cheers
aa Old School Long Shot Bar (Wheat Ridge)
aa It's not broken Longshot lounge
aa Merica Steel tips
aa Salvo Famous Door
aa WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot? Longshot Lounge
b Bulls Hit Steel Tips
b Flight Masters Hero's
b Almost Heroes Steel Tips
b Dart J. Maestro Cheers Bar - Thornton
b Flirty Flights Longshot Lounge
b Beer Depot Dozers Beer Depot
b Straight Trippin' Steel tips
b Steel Scrappen Longshot Lounge
b Bulls R Us @ Cheers
b Bad Beat Steel Tips
b Darts-R-Fun @Cheers
b Point Taken! Longshot
b The Focus Group The Balloon Inn
masters 52TON80 @Cheers
masters M.O.M. Mirage
masters B.O.B Broadways
masters Ignorant Famous Door
masters Comfort Zone Hero's
masters Shenanigans Steel Tips

Teams with Incomplete Registration

Division Team Name Sponsor Notes

If your team is on the Incomplete Registration list, please resolve the issues as soon as possible and no later than the registration deadline.

When a team registers online the captain will be sent an email confirming team registration or noting outstanding issues.

This page will be updated as rosters are received and processed by the statistician.

Last updated: 2017-07-17

If you have any questions, please email your division commissioner or the statistician.
B Commissioner, A Commissioner, AA/Masters Commissioner, Statistician