ADO Singles League Information

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B Division

Amy Robertson

Caitlin Ann Boukhari

A Division

Mark Udin

Jennifer Roberts

AA/Masters Division

Danielle Jurinsky

Angie Lowman

Board Advisor
Skip Schreffler

ADO Singles League

The next National Qualifier is coming up quickly and will send qualified players to the 2018 US Team National Finals. The National Qualifier will be held at the Summer Splash in early June

The National Finals will be held in conjunction with the Colorado Open on Friday, November 2nd.

To qualify players for this National Qualifier, we are running a Singles League at the Mirage.


  • Location: Mirage Sports Bar
  • Date/Time: Mondays at 7:00
  • Starting Date: March 26th
  • Format: 11 legs of 501 against 2 players/night (total of 22 legs/night)
  • Cost: $35

Format: Men and women will play 7 or 11 legs of 501 per opponent (number of legs to be determined by majority vote at each location). This will help get everyone ready for the marathon that is the National Qualifier!

Cost: $35 per player*
  *After the bar's sponsorship of $20 per player (Thank you!)

Deadline for sign up is March 23rd.
Play starts on Monday, March 26th.

To sign up, please fill out this form. If you know of someone who would like to sign up but does not have internet access, please have them call Ken Lynde at 303-263-3785.
You can either meet up with me to pay the $35 fee, send it to the RMDA PO Box - or pay on-line via Paypal.

Thanks and great darts!

Click here to sign up!

ADO Singles League Procedures

RMDA conduct rules apply.

Time Factors

No time should elapse between legs unless agreed upon by both players. No more than 15 minutes should elapse between matches.

Match Play

All matches should be played at the sponsor location.

Unless previously agreed upon, once a match has started and one player cannot finish the match, the remaining match points will be forfeited to the other player.

Every effort should be made to play the matches on the scheduled dates. If necessary and the opposing player agrees, matches may be played before the scheduled date.

A postponement must be requested of and agreed upon by the opposing player and submitted to the ADO Rep no later than 12:00 pm the day of the match. If the opposing player does not agree to the postponement or the request was made after 12:00pm, the match must be played as scheduled or the player requesting the postponement forfeits all match points.

Postponed matches must be played within 2 weeks of the originally scheduled date. All postponed matches must be played before the last scheduled match. After a postponed match is played, each player must email the scores to by 12pm the day after the match is played.

If a postponed match cannot be made up before the deadline, the match points will be split evenly between the players.


Match results must be filled out on the score sheet and initialed by each player. Score sheet must be scanned and emailed to the ADO Rep by 12pm the next day.

These rules and procedures are put in place to ensure the singles league runs smoothly. As the singles league grows and situations arise, rules and procedures may be added or changed to benefit the whole of the players.