Sponsorship Commission

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Your Commissioners

B Division

Dion Wilson

Amanda Tindall

A Division

Thomas Allison

AA/Masters Division

Mariah Holman

Nikki Belknap

Board Advisor
James Sands

  1. Closing date for sponsors: October 1, 2017.
    • Preferably, artwork should be submitted electronically to tourneys@rmda.org, in an eps format.
      If the sponsor doesn’t have their artwork in electronic form, we can still work with it.
  2. Commission Schedule:
    • 10% earned for securing new sponsors
      15% earned for securing new sponsors that spend over $5,000
      5% earned for securing previous sponsors
      *Your personal business is excluded from the commission schedule
  3. Commissions payments:
    • As you secure a sponsor, turn in the commitment form, payment and artwork.
      Once the payment has cleared, it will be recorded.
      As we go, we can evaluate the amount of sponsorship money collected to see if it's time to cut a check for commission on what’s been collected to that point.
      The whole or balance of commissions earned will be paid no later than October 31, 2017.

To sign up, please email Cindy at tourneys@rmda.org.