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Your Commissioners

B Division

Amy Robertson

Caitlin Ann Boukhari

A Division

Mark Udin

Jennifer Roberts

AA/Masters Division

Danielle Jurinsky

Angie Lowman

Board Advisor
Skip Schreffler

Tournament to Tournament (T to T) Results
Month Ending – May 2015

Trips Awarded

Codey Holmquist
Abe Molina
Jess Cecava
Harry Long

Trips Pending


Trips Claimed

Jill Horton
Joey Giammarino
Brett Leininger
Claudia Itjen
Scott Layman
Tony McLean
Bill Mahnken
Alex Reeve
Tory Irwin

Recent Winners

Location Date Winner # of Entries
AtCheers 05/15/15 John Deyne 4 Entries
AtCheers 05/22/15 James Johnson 4 Entries
AtCheers 05/24/15 Nick Georgeson 4 Entries
Balloon Inn 05/03/15 Dave Chuven 8 Entries
Balloon Inn 05/06/15 Steve Markham 12 Entries
Balloon Inn 05/09/15 Tony McLean 10 Entries
Balloon Inn 05/13/15 Tony McLean 10 Entries
Balloon Inn 05/16/15 Dave Chuven 10 Entries
Balloon Inn 05/20/15 JR Edwards 9 Entries
Balloon Inn 05/23/15 James Johnson 10 Entries
Balloon Inn 05/23/15 Tony McLean 6 Entries
Balloon Inn 05/27/15 Jon Womack 10 Entries
Balloon Inn 05/30/15 Dave Chuven 8 Entries
Broadways Tavern 05/03/15 Tony McLean 9 Entries
Broadways Tavern 05/06/15 Ian Griffiths 9 Entries
Broadways Tavern 05/10/15 Ian Climo 5 Entries
Broadways Tavern 05/13/15 Dave Chuven 10 Entries
Broadways Tavern 05/20/15 Brandon Bopp 7 Entries
Broadways Tavern 05/24/15 Luke Snyder 5 Entries
Broadways Tavern 05/27/15 Luke Snyder 9 Entries
Broadways Tavern 05/31/15 Brandon Bopp 4 Entries
Broadways Tavern 05/31/15 Brandon Bopp 4 Entries
Longshot 05/02/15 Gino Sarti 13 Entries
Longshot 05/03/15 Tony McLean 14 Entries
Longshot 05/09/15 Joey Giammarino 14 Entries
Longshot 05/10/15 Matt Westerberg 9 Entries
Longshot 05/16/15 Eliot Moore 17 Entries
Longshot 05/17/15 John Wren 4 Entries
Longshot 05/23/15 Derek Brock 16 Entries
Longshot 05/24/15 Matthew Miller 10 Entries
Longshot 05/25/15 Eliot Moore 4 Entries
Longshot 05/29/15 Lewis Helbert 11 Entries
Longshot 05/31/15 Eliot Moore 8 Entries
Mirage 05/01/15 Brett Spurrier 13 Entries
Mirage 05/08/15 Matt Davision 15 Entries
Mirage 05/15/15 Brett Spurrier 15 Entries
Mirage 05/22/15 Brett Spurrier 15 Entries
Mirage 05/29/15 Tim Cherven 12 Entries
MVP's 05/01/15 John Carreras 6 Entries
MVP's 05/09/15 Dan Moore 8 Entries
MVP's 05/15/15 Ed LaBarbera 12 Entries
MVP's 05/16/15 Dan Moore 14 Entries
MVP's 05/20/15 Burke Mosely 6 Entries
SteelTips 05/01/15 Abe Molina 19 Entries
SteelTips 05/03/15 Mike Carey 10 Entries
SteelTips 05/06/15 Bob Meininger 6 Entries
SteelTips 05/08/15 Matt Epp 13 Entries
SteelTips 05/10/15 Mike Carey 7 Entries
SteelTips 05/13/15 Joe D'Angelis 4 Entries
SteelTips 05/15/15 Mike Carey 6 Entries
SteelTips 05/17/15 Duane Trotter 8 Entries
SteelTips 05/20/15 Iam Climo 9 Entries
SteelTips 05/22/15 Mike Bowlin 9 Entries
SteelTips 05/24/15 Greg Snyder 4 Entries
SteelTips 05/27/15 Matt Westerberg 11 Entries
SteelTips 05/29/15 Brian Jalbert 8 Entries
SteelTips 05/30/15 Shane Vander Weg 10 Entries
SteelTips 05/30/15 Shane Howarth 5 Entries
SteelTips 05/31/15 Mike Carey 5 Entries

180s Shot
Nick Georgeson, Tony McLean(7), Ivan Quintana(2), Jim Moreau, Michael Spinden,
Ian Griffiths, Brian Yendrzeski, Dale VanCamp, Matthew Miller, Morgan Dotson,
Brett Spurrier(4),Matt Westerberg, Mike Carey(6), Nicholas Key, Bob Meininger,
Abe Molina, Mike Bowlin, Sam Newcome, Angela Mills, Dan Moore(3),
Ed LaBarbera(3), Burke Mosely

T to T is sanctioned and sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Dart Association (RMDA), in association with RMDA Sponsoring Establishments.

This exciting tournament series was developed many years ago to assist RMDA players to prepare for and compete at National Steel Tip Dart Tournaments.

100% of all funds collected from T to T are distributed back to the active participants in the form of a Trip Award, valued at $400.00. You must be an active, paid RMDA member or associate member to participate in T to T.

Once you have reached the top of the list in points and funds are available, you will be awarded a trip, which must be taken within one year of the award.

Match Format

T to T is a singles event and in the spirit of tournament play, single elimination. The game is 501 (straight start, double finish). All matches are the best 2 out of 3 games. Entry fee is $3.00

Match Format

Points are calculated at the end of each calendar month. Points are awarded as follows:

  • All first time T to T players are awarded 9 bonus points for starting
  • B and A players are awarded 3 points for entering
  • AA and Master players are awarded 2 points for entering
  • 1 additional point is awarded for each match won

Standings Reports & Awards

All T to T play sheets and funds are to be submitted to the T to T Administrator by the 5th of the following month.

Once all are received, players’ points are calculated, and trips are awarded based on funds collected.

Note - If two or more players are tied in points and there are not enough funds to award all that are tied, no tied players will be awarded a trip.

Monthly T to T standings reports can be viewed at & at participating sponsoring establishments.

Winners are notified via either email or US Mail.

Players are removed from the report if they haven’t played in 6 months or are NOT current RMDA Members – But NO points are lost. Once that player has played T to T again or becomes an RMDA member again, their name and points will again appear on the report.

Please Remember - You MUST be a current paid RMDA member to participate in T to T.
Unpaid players’ points DO NOT count.

Benefits of Playing T to T

  • Winning $400 towards a trip to play in a tournament!
  • Playing against players from all divisions!
  • Great practice and Great fun!

Where to play T to T

  • @Cheers - Sunday 4:300 pm
      11964 Washington St. - 303-955-5660
  • Balloon Inn - Wednesday, 7:00 pm - Sunday, 7:00pm
      6440 Wadsworth Boulevard - (720) 533-4822
  • Broadways Tavern - Wednesday, 7:00 pm - Sunday, 1:00pm
      3978 S. Broadway - (303) 781-5755
  • Longshot Lounge - Saturday 7:00 pm
      3665 S. Federal Blvd, Englewood - 303-789-9653
  • Mirage Sports Bar - Friday 7:00 pm
      8340 W. Coal Mine, Littleton - 303-973-5170
  • MVP’s - Friday 7pm - Wednesday 7pm ~ Saturday 7pm
      5433 E Hampden, Aurora - 303-617-3069
  • Steel Tips - Friday 7pm ~ Wednesday 7pm
      15162 E. Hampden, Aurora - 303-699-2222

Only the above listed locations are sanctioned to hold T to T events. T to T play at any other location, without prior approval from the T to T director, is not sanctioned T to T play.

If any RMDA Sponsoring Establishment would like to participate in the T to T program, please contact the RMDA at 303-703-8248.

T to T Stats as of: