Colorado's Largest Steel Tip Dart League


LOCATION: Kristi Lee's Longshots

DATE: July 20, 2024

TIME: Awards start at noon, sign up closes at 1, draw starts at 1:30

NEW: It will be a $5 draw fee for current RMDA members. $3 will go to the pot and $2 will go to the RMDA. Non-members are $10 with $7 to the pot and $3 to the RMDA.

About Us

Joining the RMDA will allow you to meet people from all walks of life who enjoy the game of darts. Whether you want to play one night or multiple nights a week, 4 person teams or 2 person teams. From beginner to expert, the RMDA is the place to find steel tip darts in the Denver Metro Area. We also host many tournaments throughout the year and the Denver metro area.

Recent League Events

The 2023 Fall Regular season is over. Playoffs will be finished this week as our leagues crown their respective teams City Cup Champions!!!
Pictured below is some of the first of our new CHAMPIONS!

Pictured below are the Fall 2023 Master League Cup winners.

Pictured below are the Fall 2023 Doubles League Cup winners.

Pictured below are the Fall 2023 B League Cup winners.

Pictured below are the Fall 2023 A League Cup winners.

Pictured below are the Fall 2023 AA League Cup winners.


Grow the sport of darts in a friendly and competitive manner.

The Rocky Mountain Dart Association (RMDA) is a registered non-profit organization and an affiliate of the American Darts Organization (ADO). The ADO was established in 1975 to promote American steel tip darts and groom players for the world stage. It has divided the US into eight regions, each with its own elected representatives, and sanctions over 100 major regional tournaments annually.

Our Board of Directors

President: Troy

Master/AA: Billie Jo

Board Advisor: Dale

Secretary: Pennie

Treasurer: Judi

Vice President: Liz

A Commissioner: Jason

A Commissioner: Corey

Master/AA: Amanda

B Commissioner: Kyle

B Commissioner: Tony

Youth Director: Aaron

Tournament Director: Darren

Doubles Commissioner: Steve

Doubles Commissioner: OPEN POSITION

Membership Coordinator: Rochelle